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Flamenco Beats: Intro to hand clapping and body percussion

Handclapping (Palmas) used in Flamenco music is an essential form of percussion to help punctuate and accentuate the song and dance. Good palmas players or palmistas are an integral part of a flamenco performance, they keep a strong tempo and create a very versatile accompaniment to the music and the dance by accentuating the rhythm and energizing the whole performance. Flamenco dancers also use hand clapping in their dance mixed often with body percussion and foot tapping and stomping.

This is a free introductory workshop on body percussion and hand clapping in flamenco. No instrument and no previous experience are needed. Lina Kazan, co-founder and principal dancer and instructor of Flamenco Borealis will introduce the participants to the main rhythmic structures of flamenco and will be teaching hand clapping techniques. Participants will be creating percussive sounds through clapping and other body percussion techniques. This is a 2 day event, 2 hours per day, attendance is limited to 20 participants and arrival on time is important for participating. 

When: September 29, 2018:  6-8 PM &

            September 30, 2018:  2-4 PM 

Where: Dance Saskatchewan, 205 Pacific Ave, Saskatoon

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