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Artistic and Executive Director / Dancer
A Lebanese born Canadian Flamenco dancer, Lina has more than a decade of Flamenco training. She lives Flamenco as an endless journey of learning and discovery and she is continuously immersed in this highly multidimensional dance form where musicality, rhythm, technique, emotions, strength, grace and fluidity need to be all present at once. Her current choreographic work often influenced by content she brings back from Spain during her training journeys is characterized by a deep desire for natural and true self-expression, while staying completely smitten by the pure essence of flamenco. Lina describes her experience while dancing on stage as the culmination of both acute focus and abandon. She is a natural performer with experience in the performing arts that traces back to her childhood. Lina's background in business management and finance is an asset to managing the company's operations and artistic projects.


Lina has been studying and perfecting her skills in Flamenco dance since 2004.  Her love for and understanding of this art form reached new heights when she started developing her own choreographic work and style. For her, flamenco has become a powerful medium of artistic expression. She has trained with renowned Spanish Flamenco dancers and master teachers like Ursula Lopez, Marta Arias, Soraya Clavijo, Manuel Betanzos, Javier Latorre, Rafaela Carrasco, La Moneta, El Junco,  Mercedes Ruiz, Leonor Leal, Andres Pena, Maria del Mar Moreno, Belen Maya, Isabel Bayon, Manuel Linan, Angelita Gomez, La Pinona, amongst others. She has also regularly studied at Canadian Flamenco institutions in Montreal and Saskatoon.


Lina is now devoting more time to teaching and sharing her love for Flamenco with others.  In September 2017, Lina moved temporarily to Seville, Spain for a year to work on her craft and develop new repertoire with the help and guidance of world class Flamenco masters. 

Lina was a recipient of multiple professional development grants by the Saskatchewan Arts, and her company Flamenco Borealis, is recipient to multiple SK Arts and Canada Council grants. 


Besides dancing, Lina has a keen interest in singing classical Arabic music. She studied and performed with Arabic music instrumentalists and vocalists in Montreal from 1996 to 2002.




The creation, direction, choreography, and dance interpretation of TAKE MY HAND, an award winning flamenco dance film. Performance in outdoor festivals and events (Fireworks festival, Nuit Blanche, Tapestrama). Produced, choreographed, and directed a Flamenco Flashmob dance outdoors with 10 students/dancers. Teaching flamenco classes (in person and online).



Co-Artistic Director and Principal Dancer for the show "Flamenco Tablao" produced by Flamenco Borealis. Artistic Director of the second edition of the Borealis Flamenco Festival (was on hold due to COVID-19, and taking off in 2022). Online live performance for the Prince Albert Cultural festival “Tapestrama” with Flamenco Borealis. Teaching flamenco classes (in person and online).


Artistic Director of the first edition of the Borealis Flamenco Festival. Co-Artistic Director, Principal Dancer and Vocalist for the show "Dos Voces" produced and performed by Flamenco Borealis both in Saskatoon and Calgary. Choreographer and dancer for a section of the “Ancient Elements” show in September produced by the Jack Millikin Centre. Teaching Flamenco classes.


Residency in Seville, Spain



Lead dancer / choreographer for "Corazon Loco" at the Jazz Bassment with Flamenco Borealis. Lead dancer / choreographer / vocalist with Flamenco Borealis at the Sasktel Jazz Festival 2017 (2 shows). Lead dancer/choreographer for Flamenco Borealis and co-director of "Cohesion" a dance production commissioned by Dance Saskatchewan and presented at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival 2017. Other dance collaborations with "Troupe du jour", Dance Saskatchewan, the Free Flow dance center, and "Desert Beats". 



Artistic co-direction of "Al Andalusi", a production by Flamenco Borealis, where she also occupied the role of flamenco dancer/choreographer and Arabic vocalist. Lead dancer / choreographer for Cabaret Flamenco at Le Relais with Flamenco Borealis. Organized and produced a Saskatoon Flamenco Flashmob at the Farmers’ Market with a group of Saskatoon Flamenco dancers. Guest solo dancer at the Fashion and Design Festival of Saskatoon with Flamenco Borealis. Guest solo dancer at the St-Jean Baptiste festivities. Guest solo dancer and singer at the “Tapestry of the tribes” show with Flamenco Borealis. Guest dancer at the Wearable Art appreciation event. Radio appearance with CBC Radio Canada.


Co-produced and performed at the Navidad

Flamenca show by Flamenco Borealis. A guest solo dancer / model at the Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala.  Co-produced a demo Flamenco track for Flamenco Borealis where the percussive foot work was part of the audio track. Private concerts of Flamenco Borealis. Alma Flamenca Recital. Solo dancer in ARTE! Flamenco production of Alma Flamenca.

2014 and before

Solo and Group dancer with Alma Flamenca in a multitude of events and functions. Arabic solo vocalist in a number of cultural and music venues in Montreal.


Lina has a bachelor degree in Commerce and the CPA designation (Chartered Professional Accountant). She is also a Project Management Professional (PMP). Lina has over 15 years of experience working in large and small organizations in the capacity of management (people, strategic, financial and project management).

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