Flamenco Borealis is a Saskatoon based Music and Dance company and a non for profit dedicated to the vast possibilities of flamenco. It is committed to promoting this art form by staging high quality music and dance performances and organizing educational programs in order to benefit both its artist members and the wider community. Flamenco Borealis is deeply committed to promoting collaboration between flamenco artists and artists working in other genres. Flamenco Borealis is motivated by the belief that music and dance art represents a universal language which provides an indispensable medium for inter-subjective, inter-communal and inter-cultural understanding.

To become a leading Flamenco art performing organization in Canada by building strong ties to flamenco communities both in Canada and abroad and enabling its artist members through their journey of growth and in the presentation of their work. Flamenco Borealis intends to achieve a level of recognition such that it become a regular provider of high quality flamenco performances in the local, national and international scene.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” - Friedrich Nietzsche


Making A Lasting Impact On Stage


Artistic Director / Instrumentalist

With a background in philosophy and music, Daniel is a talented art visionary who's big ideas never cease to impress. Daniel is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. Trained extensively in western classical piano and composition, Daniel now devotes his creative energies primarily to flamenco and world music. Active mainly as guitarist and pianist, Daniel also plays a number of non-western stringed instruments including the Arabic oud. Daniel’s work as a guitarist is driven by a love of both the brilliant expressivity and contemplative capacity of flamenco music.


Artistic & Executive Director / Dancer

Lina has been studying and dancing flamenco since 2005. Her love for and understanding of this art form reached new heights when she started developing her own choreographic work and style. For her, flamenco has become a powerful medium of artistic expression. Besides dancing, Lina has a keen interest in singing classical arabic music that dates back to her childhood. Lina's background in business management and finance is indispensable in directing the company's operations and artistic projects.


Artistic Director / Vocalist

Celedonio (Cele)'s journey with Flamenco started in his small home town in Spain, where he learnt at a young age his singing skills from his grandfather. Cele has been performing flamenco singing for more than 15 years and he has worked with a lot of different flamenco artists in Europe, Canada, and the USA. With a background in architecture, Cele likes to explore new and progressive ways of presenting flamenco to audiences and enhance their auditory, visual, emotional and intellectual experience.