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Flamenco Borealis Academy

Flamenco Borealis believes that giving back to the community is an integral part of sharing the love of the art form. The Academy is the educational leg of the company and it offers regular flamenco dance classes, guest master classes, and a membership program for emerging and professional Flamenco dancers. Dance classes and company membership program are delivered by the company's artistic director Lina Kazan (Bio); Other dance, percussion and music workshops are offered throughout the year. Our studios are located at the Saskatoon School of Dance (SSD) at 407 Cumberland South, Saskatoon. 





COVID 19 Protocols


With the COVID 19 Pandemic, we continue to take special measures in partnership with SSD studio management to ensure your return to our classes is as safe as possible, and following the SK government guidelines when applicable. 

 What we are doing;

- Class sizes are set to ensure proper spacing is maintained in the studio.

- Lobbies will be closed. Instructor or greeter will meet each student at the rear Special Olympics single door and guide them to their respective studio. Exit from the studio will be from the main double doors on Cumberland.

- Masks are optional unless they become mandatory by health regulations.

- Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the building. Upon entering the building each dancer will be asked to use hand sanitizer. 

- The microwave and water sink are unavailable for student use at this time. 

- Our washrooms will be cleaned often. 

What we need you to do;

- Watch for any symptoms of illness. Symptoms such as fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, cough and any other symptoms should be disclosed and the student must refrain from attending the class as long as symptoms persist.

- If the student or someone in her/his immediate family has been exposed to someone with Covid-19 please self-monitor for symptoms and refrain from attending class.

- Don't arrive too early to the class as the greeter will only be able to open the back door for you 1 to 2 min prior to class time. This is implemented in an effort to minimize circulation during class transitions.

- Please come dressed in your dance clothes underneath your street clothes.  You may use change rooms to hang your winter coats but not to change. In winter you will have to carry boots and place on provided boot racks.

- Bring your own water bottle from home.

- Help in minimizing the use of washroom as much as possible by going to the bathroom at home before coming to class.



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