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a date with fate

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QADAR: A date with fate

A Flamenco dance & music live production by Flamenco Borealis



QADAR is a live flamenco music and dance theatre show presented by Flamenco Borealis and featuring Flamenco Borealis and guest artists. This production tells the story of a person’s struggle with fate. Elaborate textures of world music and intricate choreographies woven in a rich tale, this work raises questions about the nature of destiny.  It explores the role of friendship in finding strength, purpose, and control in life. The show premiered in Saskatoon at the at the Broadway Theatre on April 16, 2022. It was also featured at the Victoria Flamenco Festival, in Victoria BC, in July 2022.


The artists

Flamenco Borealis is an internationally recognized flamenco music and dance company based in Saskatoon.  Co-founders and artistic directors Lina Kazan and Daniel Regnier have worked in a variety of media.  Their work has been supported by SK Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts.  They continue to explore the vast possibilities of flamenco art.  Proud to bring top level flamenco to Saskatchewan audiences, they are actively involved in the Saskatchewan arts scene through performances, teaching, and collaborations.  Their latest dance film Take My Hand was critically acclaimed in festivals around the world. 


AUDIO SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (to be supplied by presenter):

  • Sound system, mixing board, one monitor per musician and 2 monitors for dance floor.

  • Condenser Mic for Oud, XLR input for guitar, Vocal mic and headset Lavalier for singer, Condenser Mic for Cello, and one front and one back mic for percussion (See Chart)

  • 3 or 4 shot gun mics and 3 contact mics for sound projection of footwork (dance floor).

  • Wireless MC mic for introducing the show

  • Dance floor area (not carpet or cement with a good sound projection of footwork ideally sprung floor) of at least 9x12 and preferably larger).

  • Live sound engineer to rehearse and manage the sound during the performance.


VISUAL REQUIREMENTS (to be supplied by presenter):

  • There will be a 2 min video projection at the very beginning of the show, therefore a projector and projection screen is needed. No sound will come from the projection. The video is accompanied by live music.

  • The video projection contributes to establishing the narrative of the show and it is strongly recommended that it be included in the performance.  However, it is possible to stage the performance without the video projection.


LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS (to be supplied by presenter):

  • Multiple coloured back lights

  • Wash lights

  • Some low and high side lights

  • We will provide a lighting plot document with all the cues ahead of time.



  • $4500 Per show for 1 show

  • $4200 Per show for 2-3 shows

  • $3900 Per show for more than 3 shows

  • These fees cover all artist costs, including travel and accommodation, but do not include the items listed under Audio, Visual and Lighting Requirements (above).  If the presenter cannot provide all Audio, Visual and Lighting Requirements (e.g. microphones), Flamenco Borealis may be able to provide certain requirements for a fee (to be negotiated).

  • The show involves about 6 artists (four musicians and two dancers).


Please Contact: Jim Hodges (306 653-2890)

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